Bill Glover

My enthusiasm for travel saw me start 2014 in Mexico City. Closer to home, I work for Accenture on the automation of development environments and tooling. I never did make it as a developer, but that hasn’t stopped me writing the odd bit of code.

Old enough to remember when email addresses were numbers, but not so old that I can remember life without the Internet, I’m excited by the promise and quantity of data that is now available online. As a result I share just a little too much information with you all. You’ll currently find me not too far from Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire at Holiday Inn.

I dabble with photography, because I love how it forces you to see things differently. My phone is fast becoming my main camera. I don’t read or write nearly as much as I should, but am working on it. And, after falling out of love with Twitter, I’m slowly finding my voice again. Occasionally, I speak a little Chinese a try.