Mandarin Learner: Best of the Web for January 4th through January 5th

My collection of Mandarin Chinese links for January 4th through January 5th:

  • Chinese grammar – I'm forever finding the 是…的 construction and misinterpreting the meaning as emphasising a completed action. This simple guide should help to explain this relatively simple construct.
  • Review: You are the Apple of My Eye – If you want to understand what Chinese high school was like, then you should watch this movie.
  • Top 10 Dream Vacation Spots of 2011 – What’s your ideal getaway? Using data from the past year, Baidu has compiled a list of netizens’ top 10 dream vacation spots (梦想之旅). The list includes 汉字 and Pinyin names for all places.
  • Punning in the New Year – Welcome in the new year Mandarin style with some Chinese puns. I'm not saying they're good.