Foursquare Playing Catch up to Jiepang with NFC

A recent article on TechCrunch (US) highlighted the introduction of Near Field Communication (NFC) support in the recent Android version of the Foursquare application. Although the Foursquare NFC functionality is limited to the Galaxy Nexus, it does include the following features:

  • initiating friend requests
  • swapping lists
  • checking in to venues

But has Chinese Foursquare clone Jiepang beaten them to the punch? Back in August 2011, they announced the distribution of 3,000 NFC window stickers to merchants in all the major Chinese cities.

Jiepang NFC Sticker on Gu Lou Dong Da Jie

This photo, taken in an independent model shop during my recent trip to Beijing, shows that Jiepang did get those posters out to local businesses. Foursquare is most definitely playing catchup to Jiepang when it comes to NFC. But has Jiepang seen any uptake of NFC check-ins? I’ve yet to see any statistics from Jiepang but Foursquare should keep a close eye on China to see where NFC could take them.

Jiepang’s recent Christmas NFC promotion was covered over on Penn Olson: Jiepang + Starbucks China + LBS + NFC = Free Christmas Coffee