Capturing Singapore


When away from home, I love to wander the streets of an unfamiliar city armed with nothing more than a camera. Over the last couple of years I’ve developed a rule of thumb when visiting a new city for the first time:

  • day 1: walk around until you can walk no more (no maps allowed)
  • day 2: take a map and walk to the places you missed on day 1
  • day 3: go back to places you want to explore in more detail

This approach has served me well, until that is I arrived in Singapore. I loved my time in Singapore and will actively look to come back. But one thing that continues to confound me is how uninspired I was when looking through the viewfinder; so uninspired that during the last week my camera spent most if the time locked in a hotel safe.

My struggle was made all the more evident when encountered with photography exhibitions at the National Museum, the ArtScience Museum, and a temporary exhibit at Chinatown Point. Singapore is, or at least was, a wonderful place to photograph. Why then did I feel so uninspired behind the camera?

Perhaps I felt just a little too comfortable.