Get Ahead with Launchy

Towards the end of last year, everyone at work went through the company’s annual performance review process. Whilst this isn’t my first job, it was the first time I have been through a formal performance review. I haven’t had any feedback since my review (that should be coming sometime this week), I have already learned a couple of things that may help the process along next time around.

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I'm Coming Back to London

I can finally announce to the world something that I and Alicia have known since last Friday. I am coming back to London at the end of June. I handed in my notice this afternoon and will be starting a new job in Technology Consulting on the 2nd of July.

Despite the fact that I am in London most weekends, moving back permanently is still something of a big deal. I’m looking forward starting a new job but, above all, I’m looking forward to catching up with friends more than once a year. Obviously there is still a lot to do between now and then, finishing work, deciding where to live, moving house, etc. Expect further details soon.