Labelling the House


Something I should have done a long time ago is to label everything in our flat in Chinese. Alicia was out quite a bit over the weekend and so I took the opportunity to run around the flat labelling everything in Chinese. She came back last night and just laughed: “You forgot 镜子 [jìngzi], mirror.”

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Archive Tweets plugin for WordPress

The design of the #MandarinMonday website is centred around having an archive of all tweets tagged with the hashtag #MandarinMonday. Rather than write a stand-alone script to search Twitter and archive these tweets, I decided to package it all up as a self contained WordPress plugin. I am now sharing this plugin (my first ever public plugin for WordPress) with anyone who wishes to use it.

The plugin has two functions:

  • it maintains an archive of all tweets which contain a configurable search term, and
  • it displays a list of these tweets on a page in the blog.

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The future of #MandarinMonday

Over the last week I ran a poll over on TwtPoll asking what people thought I should do with the domain. The poll closed yesterday and now that the results are in, it is time to get coding and see what I can make of #MandarinMonday.
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